The department IT support is handled by Rudbeck laboratory IT department. Personnel and workshops are located at entrance 70, 3rd floor and in the C11 house. At entrance 40, 5th floor, is  Enrique Vega. Contact the IT department primarily by e-mail, The IT-department provides three main services; 1) computers with purchase, internet connection, installation, net security,  service of computers and scrapping computers, 2) Storage function with automated backup and 3) computer center where you can rent e.g. server space.

Please note that purchases are made through the Rudbeck IT department. Should you purchase any equipment directly, always use the product web.

Catalog information and e-mail account

If your your working situation has changed please submit the new information directly in the web form.
 If you need a e-mail account please apply for an account here.

Responsible for these issues at the department  is Susanne Olsson, and Veronica Hjärner,