Department of Medical Sciences

Harassments Contact persons for equal rights


"Two of the department’s employees, Mårten Fryknäs and Helena Vretman, has been appointed to "Contact persons for equal rights". You can turn to them if you have been subjected to or witnessed harassment. Read more below or at the page "About us" where this information will be available permanently.

Each of us has the potential to thrive and excel in an environment where respect and tolerance are prioritized. But a good and enjoyable workplace cannot create itself. It is dependent on the premise that all - co-workers and management, contribute actively. The Employer has the responsibility to actively prevent harassment and victimization. Our department comprises of people of different ages, nationalities, sex, faith and sexual preference. Although Superiors/Supervisors represent the Employer, these individuals cannot create the atmosphere at the workplace on their own. This means that you, and every individual, are responsible for the working environment on a daily basis. In the ideal workplace to understand this would suffice to prevent all problems, but in reality we need to be prepared to handle issues such as harassment and victimization. When incidents are not resolved in discussions between the involved parties, we need functions to channel information. The department has therefore set up a new function, “Contact persons for equal rights”. Two of the department’s employees, Mårten Fryknäs and Helena Vretman, has been appointed to Contact persons. If you have witnessed or been a subject to harassment, please get in touch with one of the “contact person for equal rights”. They will listen to you and inform you on how to take the issue further. You may of course also turn directly to the Head of the department or to the department’s HR-staff, Anna Foyer and Gabriella Widerberg.