Department of Medical Sciences

Dan Norbäck awarded a VR grant for a Sweden-China collaborative project


Dan Norbäck har been awarded a grant by The Swedish Research Council for a project on health effects due to air environment outdoors and indoors. The project is a collaboration with Zhuohui Zhao, Fudan university in Shanghai.

The overall aim is to study health effects of outdoor air pollution, climate and indoor environment (homes, schools) across China on asthma, rhinitis, dermatitis and respiratory health in Chinese children. The study includes biomarkers such as lung function and airway inflammation by FeNO levels in exhaled air. Effects of current exposure as well as exposure during pregnancy and earlier in life will be investigated. Two large questionnaire studies are performed among pre-school children and school children in seven cities in China. The study among pre-school children investigates trends over 10 years in health, home environment and outdoor air pollution levels by comparing with data we have collected in these cities before (a repeat study). The school study is a 2-year prospective study among elementary school children. Moreover, we will perform a detailed school environment study in Shanghai and rural areas near Shanghai to identify risk factors in the outdoor environment as well as in the school and home environment. Finally, we will perform two panel studies to study short-term respiratory health effects of short-term variation of outdoor air pollution levels (including PM2.5) in northern and southern China. The project has large public health relevance since it investigates health effects of outdoor and indoor air pollution in China.