Contact the Department of Medical Sciences

Akademiska sjukhuset, Ing. 40, 5 tr, 751 85 Uppsala
Phone: +46 18-611 00 00
Fax: 018-50 92 97

Head of Department
Josef Järhult

Deputy head of Department
Simon Cervenka

Assistant head of Department
Mia Wadelius
Anna Rostedt Punga

Administrative Manager/Financial administration
Anette Mcloughlin

Course administration
Caroline Olofsson

Product administration/AKKA
Alzbeta Opletalova

Staff administration
Gabriella Widerberg
Anna Foyer
Alzbeta Opletalova

Senior research officer/Webmaster
Maria Nord

Contact the University IT-support by e-mail or call 018-471 44 00.

Last modified: 2023-08-23