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We provide access to microarray technology for the research community.

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Microarrays provide insights into gene expression, genotypes and copynumber variations. We have long experience with many different array types from Affymetrix both for standard protocols but also for challenging samples such as Formalin Fixed Paraffin Embedded samples and sorted cells. Talk to us about the optimal solution for just your project.

Microarray use cases

Bioinformatics support

Actionable insights are pivotal for a successfull interpretation of the analysis results. We do not only offer consultation before and after the microarray analysis but ensure also that you can use your date in the best way.  A basic computational analysis of your data is already included when you receive the results from us and if you want we can take care of all your bioinformatical analyses.

We have many years’ experience  of expression analysis, copy number analysis of tumor samples and methylation data analysis so we can offer extended service and support on all steps of the analysis procedure. With a diverse scientific background in the team we can also guide you on how to best integrate different data types from microarrays but also beyond to see the bigger picture.

Data analysis services

Research and development

Our aim is to develop and apply bioinformatic tools to describe and understand biological processes involved in human disease so that improved treatments can be developed. We focus on how to use large-scale molecular data including microarray data to obtain these goals. We develop improved bioinformatic tools that can provide better answers to relevant research questions and we apply publicly available tools or those we have developed ourselves to perform data analysis for particular biomedical applications.

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