Bioinformatics support

We offer all types of services from the initial consultation, performing the complete array experiments to analyzing the results.

We provide all types of analyses for the affymetrix data that is generated in house. A basic analysis of your data is always included in our services but we can also help you with extended analyses of your data and to integrate them with other data types you might already have.

With many years’ experience  of expression analysis, copy number analysis of tumor samples and methylation data analysis, we can offer service and support on all steps of the analysis procedure here including experimental design, quality control, normalization, visualization, various statistics and evaluation of the results and integrating different data types.

For all microarrays that we run, there are easy to use graphical software packages available that allow you to explore your data yourself even if you have little experience in bioinformatics. We can guide you in the usage of this software or provide you with the analyses in the file format and with the parameters that you need.

We can provide you also with the results from the array analysis in different file formats for you to use a program or R package of your choice to perform in depth analyses or we can run extended analyses for you according to the pipeline specified by you.

To gain deep understanding of a biological question it is often helpful to study different characteristics of a system to see the big picture. We work for example on a project integrating expressional data and methylation data from whole genome bisulfite sequencing and different kinds of microarrays to understand the regulatory networks in a certain cancer type.

For more information contact:

Pádraic Corcoran:
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