Group members

Contact us at arrayplatform[at] or use the specific contact information available below. All email addresses end with


Anders Isaksson

Group leader

Email: anders.isaksson
018-471 4485

Sebastian DiLorenzo


Email: sebastian.dilorenzo
018-471 4484

Björn Viklund


Email: bjorn.viklund  
018-471 4484

Angeliki Pournara

Research engineer

Email: angeliki.pournara 
018-471 4484

Pádraic Corcoran


Email: padraic.corcoran
018-471 4484

Nina Hollfelder


Email: nina.hollfelder           018-471 4484

Visiting address

Array and Analysis Facility
Uppsala biomedicinska centrum, BMC
Entrance C11 ("SciLifeLab")
Husargatan 3
751 23 Uppsala