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Welcome to contact us for more information on our facility and how we can help you to succeed with your project!

Email: arrayplatform[at]
Phone:  +46-18-4714485 or +46-18-4714484

Visiting address

Array and Analysis Facility
Uppsala biomedicinska centrum, BMC
Entrance C11 ("SciLifeLab")
Husargatan 3
751 23 Uppsala

Postal address

Array and Analysis Facility
Uppsala University
Box 3056
750 03 Uppsala

Address for sending samples to the facility:

If you can drop your samples off personally at our facility this is the best option since it ensures that the samples are always kept at optimal conditions and we can start working to provide you with the results without delay.

But we also rutinely receive submissions from all over Sweden by post. In this case propper cooling of the samples and a close monitoring of the shipment will also ensure optimal sample conditions that are pivotal for the analysis.

Please find the details on sample submission on our order page.

You are always welcome with questions!