With long experience in the analysis of microarrays and the regular analysis of a large number of samples we can provide you with highly competitive prices combined with a fast turnaround time. Please contact us for a price offer at or telefone 0184714484.

Sample preparation

Extraction methods

You may select any extraction method for nucleic acids that works with your samples as long as the end product is clean and pure DNA or RNA. Our experience is that column based extraction methods (e.g. Qiagen RNeasy or DNeasy) work best for most samples.

For samples extracted with Trizol we strongly recommend a subsequent purification step on a column to remove contaminating substances. We can provide this service also in-house.

Sample requirements

For optimal results, we recommend the following minimum quantities of nucleic acid:

3' IVT express 250 ng
Gene ST or XTA 250 ng
Clariom D 250 ng
Cytoscan HD 250 ng
Mapping 6.0 500 ng (> 50ng/µl)
Oncoscan 160 ng

depends on array,
please inquire

If these quantities are challenging to archive with your system alternative protocols are available for most assays to run samples with less material. We have also seen good results with less than optimal amounts of nucleic acid but the signal might get less reliable. Talk to us to find the optimal protocol for your samples.

Sample submission

We can accept samples both by post and personal drop-off (preferred).

If you bring your samples to us personally or use an express courier service please come to

Array and Analysis Facility
Uppsala biomedicinska centrum, BMC
Entrance C11 ("SciLifeLab")
Room B11:118B
Husargatan 3
751 23 Uppsala

When you are there just call us at +46-18-4714484 and we will meet you at the entrance and take care of your samples right away.

For delivery by post please send your samples to

Array and Analysisfacility
BMC, Godsmottagningen
Husargatan 3
Ref. Box 3056
752 37 Uppsala

Please make sure that your samples are properly cooled even in the case of a delay during transport and please provide us with a tracking number of your parcel so that we can make sure that it reaches us directly.

Also, please remember to submit the signed order form together with the samples.

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