The research education committee (FUG)

To apply for admission to PhD-studies and request for licentiate/disertation you complete the  electronic form.  In the form write the name of the chair of FUG as "Head of Department (prefekt/av prefekten utsedd person)". Submit the form by the system.

Other matters, such as a request for half-time review, posting of PhD-positions etc, should be sent to Katarina Jonasson Vangen by regular- or e-mail.





Documents need to be submitted to FUG at least 1 week before a scheduled meeting.

Meetin dates during spring 2020:
January 7
February 10
March 9
April 2
May 4
June 1

Important dates to keep in mind for spring 2020.
Important dates to keep in mind for autumn 2020.