Information for PhD students and supervisors at the Department of Medical Sciences

The education at the doctoral level in medicine and pharmacy is largely common in terms of courses, forms and routines. However, some things are specific to the department in which the education is carried out. On this page, we have gathered information that is specific to the research education at the Department of Medical Sciences.

How to post a phD position at IMV

According to the Higher Education Ordinance (Chapter 7 § 37) posting is not needed if

  1. the PhD student will complete the studies within the framework of an employment other than the university,
  2. the PhD student has commenced the postgraduate studies at another university,
  3. there are other particular reasons, such as
    • external self-funding received in competition,
    • admission to the later part of the doctoral studies,
    • admission to licentiate studies.

Application for admission to doctoral studies

Once you have been accepted as a doctoral student

Recurring annual routines

  • The institutions' postgraduate education administration reports activity in Ladok every semester based on the activity specified in ISP. If the activity changes, the ISP must be revised. The revision function is accessed via nås via the start page for electronic ISP where the doctoral student's ISP is found under the heading "Your issues".
  • An annual follow-up of the individual study plan must be submitted no later than 15th February the following year by all doctoral students with the exception of those who have been admitted or had their half-time seminar during the past year. Katarina Vangen will send out a reminder for the annual follow-up at the end of the year.


  • Postgraduate studies include courses and other components that should correspond to at least 30 credits for a doctoral degree and at least 15 credits for a licentiate degree. For both types of degree, all compulsory postgraduate courses need to be completed and passed. Compulsory courses are automatically registered in Ladok. For doctoral degrees, compulsory components also need to be completed.
  • Doctoral students and supervisors jointly plan which courses the doctoral student is to take. Planned courses should be included in the individual study plan (ISP).
  • Courses that are not automatically registered in Ladok must be entered by Katarina Vangen. Fill in the form "Blankett för införande av kurser i Ladok", on the Department's group pages on the Staff portal, with all requested information and make sure that it is signed by the supervisor before e-mailing it to Katarina Vangen who registers it in Ladok. The examiner thereafter approves the courses in Ladok.
  • Please read more about postgraduate courses on the Staff portal.

Half-time seminar

  • A half-time seminar is mandatory and should take place when two years of full-time work or the equivalent has been carried out. All compulsory courses should have been completed before the half-time seminar.
  • A half-time seminar can be replaced by a licentiate seminar
  • The registration form is sent to Katarina Vangen at least three weeks before the planned half-time seminar.
  • The following must be attached to the registration:
  • When the application has been approved, Katarina Vangen sends a protocol for the "Completed half-time seminar" to the main supervisor.
  • Send the written report (the introductory chapter of the compilation thesis) to the assessment panel as a pdf at least two weeks before the seminar. At the same time, send it to Katarina Jonasson Vangen so that she can file it at the department.
  • After completing the half-time seminar, the signed protocol is sent back to Katarina Vangen, who enters the information in Ladok, and sends the protocol to the Faculty of Medicine.
  • Please read more about half-time seminars and what applies on the Staff portal.

Doctoral thesis defence at Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy

Last modified: 2023-09-07