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Carlsson P-O, Schwarcz E, Korsgren O and Leblanc K. Preserved beta-cell function in type 1 diabetes by mesenchymal stromal cells. Diabetes 64:587-592, 2015

Carlsson P-O and Jansson L. Disruption of insulin receptor signaling in endothelial cells shows the central role of an intact islet blood flow for in vivo β-cell function. Diabetes 64:700-702, 2015

Ullsten S, Lau J and Carlsson P-O. Vascular heterogeneity between native pancreatic islets determines their fate of survival and revascularization posttransplantation. Diabetologia 58:132-139, 2015

Espes D, Lau J, Carlsson P-O. Increased levels of irisin in people with long-standing Type1 diabetes. Diabetic Medicine. 2015;32(9):1172-1176.

Hjort R, Alfredsson L, Carlsson P-O, et al. Low birthweight is associated with an increased risk of LADA and type 2 diabetes : results from a Swedish case-control study. Diabetologia. 2015;58(11):2525-2532.

Lau Börjesson J, Vasylovska S, Kozlova E N, Carlsson P-O. Surface Coating of Pancreatic Islets With Neural Crest Stem Cells Improves Engraftment and Function After Intraportal Transplantation. Cell Transplantation. 2015;24(11):2263-2272.

Christoffersson G, Waldén T, Sandberg M, Opdenakker G, Carlsson P-O*, Phillipson M*. Matrix metalloproteinase-9 is essential for physiological beta-cell function and islet vascularization in adult mice. Am J Pathol 185:1094-1103, 2015. * Shared contribution

Eriksson O, Espes D, Selvaraju RK, et al. The positron emission tomography ligand [11C]5-hydroxy tryptophan can be used as a surrogate marker from the human endocrine pancreas. Diabetes 63:3428-3437, 2014

Espes D, Lau J and Carlsson P-O. Increased circulating levels of betatrophin in individuals with long-standing type 1 diabetes. Diabetologia 57:50-53, 2014

Lai E., Pettersson U., Delgado Verdugo A., et al.: Blood lipids affect rat islet blood flow regulation through b3-adrenoceptors. American Journal of Physiology 307:E653-E663, 2014

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