Uppsala University Hospital and Uppsala University in collaboration, take first place in Diabetesbarometern 2022


Hospital care, along with primary healthcare at Region Uppsala, has been ranked as the best in diabetes care in Sweden. Diabetesbarometern (the Diabetes Barometer) 2022 was presented at World Diabetes Day on 14 November.

Jarl Hellman at the Department of Medical Sciences, Chair of the Diabetes Council – congratulations on first place!

“Thank you! It is incredibly fun, a teamwork really, and structured quality work at the core with many enthusiasts who have been persistent for a long time. Nothing like this has ever happened in diabetes care in Uppsala, and it really deserves attention. We have historically had problems with poor data, both in hospitals and primary healthcare, if you look a little further back in time, then it has become progressively better actually.

“Incidentally, this is the very first time that this solid analysis of diabetes care has been made with both quality data from Register and a large basis of patient surveys with 40% response. Then there is potential for improvement, of course, and gratifying also, considering our multidisciplinary Centre of Excellence for type 1 diabetes that has been here at Uppsala University Hospital since 2012.

“With a strong focus on healthcare, education and research, we – Uppsala University Hospital, Region Uppsala and Uppsala University in collaboration – can continue contributing to a better life for diabetes patients.”

Text by Ebba Burman

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Diabetesbarometern (the Diabetes Barometer) is a report from Svenska Diabetesförbundet (the Swedish Diabetes Association) that compares the regions in terms of completed follow-ups of patients’ health and treatment results. It is a comprehensive analysis, which includes both responses from 3,500 people with diabetes and treatment results from the National Diabetes Register for 2021. Diabetesbarometern 2022 was presented at World Diabetes Day on 14 November 2022.

Svenska Diabetesförbundet (Swedish Diabetes Association)

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