Jonathan Cedernaes to recieve reasearch grant from Diabetes Wellness Sweden


Diabetes Wellness Sweden Foundation awarded a specific research grant, Junior Grant, to researchers at the beginning of their research career in diabetes for the first time in 2014. Recently, the research grant of 200,000 SEK each was awarded five young researchers for further research in diabetes.

Since 2014, the foundation's Junior Grant have been awarded to 25 young researchers. Recently, five young researchers were each awarded 200,000 SEK for further research in areas of specific interest to diabetes. Jonathan Cederneas was among those who were recently awarded the research grant for his project ”Tissue-targeted circadian interventions for identifying genetic and molecular mechanisms regulating metabolic integrity in healthy and type 2 diabetic humans”.

Read the full press release from the Diabetes Wellness Sweden Foundation at Mynewsdesk (only in Swedish).