Kim Kultima receive grants from american NIH


Kim Kultima
Kim Kultima

Kim Kultima, researcher at the Department of Medical Sciences, participate in a research programme that have been funded by the US National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Kim Kultima is a co-applicant in a project that has been awarded a research grant that focuses on investigating molecular mechanisms in severe chronic pain from the lower urinary tract, so-called Bladder Pain Syndrome (BPS).

Bladder Pain Syndrome most commonly affects middle-aged women and the causes of cystitis and chronic urinary tract pains are unclear. The condition is difficult to treat and despite lifestyle adjustments, physiotherapy, drug treatment and in exceptional cases also surgical treatment, many patients experience little improvement and report severely reduced quality of life.

In the project led by Pedro Vera at the Lexington Biomedical Research Institute, the researchers will use various model systems, monoclonal antibodies and other techniques to investigate the role of the proteins MIF and HMGB1 in the development of hyperalgesia (increased pain sensitivity) in the lower pelvic region. The project will run for two years and the grant part to Uppsala amounts to 217,000 dollars.

Last modified: 2023-02-01