Background to PIVUS

The PIVUS study was initiated in 2001 as a research collaboration between the Department of Medicine, University Hospital in Uppsala and AstraZeneca R&D Mölndal with the primary aim to evaluate the usefulness of differernt measurements of endothelial function and other techniques to evaluate vascular function.

In June 2004 the last subject was included in the cohort resulting in 1016 subjects aged 70 being randomly selected from the general population in the town of Uppsala.

Several secondary aims have also been added to this prospective cohort study and several academic groups have been engaged in the evaluation of this cohort from different aspects. Please see the Power Point presentation given in the heading ¨Description of the study¨ for details.

Principle investigator is Lars Lind, Department of Medicine, Uppsala University.

Kerstin Marttala and Jan Hall have done the hard work at the vascular laboratory, supported by Nilla Fors for the first 700 subjects and Anna Stenborg for the remaining participants.