Cancer Pharmacology and Computational Medicine

At Cancer Pharmacology and Computational Medicine we combine high-throughput screening, drug repurposing, innovative cell models, primary patient derived cells and computational approaches to find new treatment alternatives.

Read more about our equipment and compound libraries further down on this page.

Cancer Pharmacology

The research in Cancer Pharmacology is carried out by Professor Rolf Larsson, Professor  Peter Nygren, Associate Professor Mårten Fryknäs, Associate professor Joachim Gullbo and Anna Segerman.

Computational Medicine

The research in Computational Medicine is carried out by Professor Mats Gustafsson.

Rolf Larsson

Professor at Department of Medical Sciences, Cancer Pharmacology and Computational Medicine

Mobile phone:
+46 70 6120251

Equipment and compound libraries


The following technical equipment is available at the lab:

  • Echo 550 acustic dispenser
  • IncuCyte Zoom, FLR & HD
  • FlexStation3
  • SCARA analysis platform
  • Wes
  • BioMek 4000
  • Q Exactive mass spectrometer
  • Cellomics ArrayScan
  • EnSpire Multimode reader
  • MagPix multiplex reader
  • NucleoCounter NC-250

Chemical compound libraries

Number of compounds within brackets.

  • Lopac (1280)
  • Spectrum (2000)
  • Pharmakon (1600)
  • Selleckchem (1650)
  • Actiprobe (2000)
  • Maybridge hit kit (3000)
  • Chembridge diverse set (10000)
  • Enzo (800)

    The image shows a selection of the machines available in the lab of cancer pharmacology and computational medicine.
Last modified: 2022-09-05