Clinical Chemistry

The research group consists of several independent researchers that pursue research projects within the laboratory diagnostics field. A few examples of ongoing projects are oral immunotherapy with yolk antibodies, acute phase proteins and tumour markers. Other research projects focus on inflammation (Per Venge),  glycosylation of proteinhormones (Leif Wide), prostasomes (Gunnar Ronquist and Lena Carlsson) Biochemical endocrinology (Mats Stridsberg), proteomics and metabolomics (Torbjörn Åkerfelt and Kim Kultima) and coagulation and inflammation (Agneta Siegbahn).

Group leader:
Professor Anders Larsson

Yolk antibodies

Oral immunotherapy is an interesting alternative to antibiotics. We have shown that daily gargling with specific antibodies results in a potent reduction in the number of P. aeruginosa infections in cystic fibrosis (CF) patients. This treatment has been approved by the Swedish MPA for individual compassionate use prescriptions. We are also conducting other clinical studies with yolk antibodies for oral immunotherapy.

Acute phase markers and cystatin C

Both cystatin C and acute phase markers such as hsCRP and IL-6 have been shown to be potent risk markers for cardiovascular diseases. We collaborate with the PIVUS and ULSAM research groups on studies on cardiovascular risk markers.

Tumour markers and angiogenesis

Serum or plasma TPS, TPA, VEGF, bFGF, HGF and TK are some of the tumour markers that we are presently using in clinical studies.

The research group is also participants in the Uppsala Berzelii center for neurodiagnostics.

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Anders Larsson

Professor at Department of Medical Sciences, Clinical Chemistry

Last modified: 2022-04-08