Clinical Neurophysiology

The research in the clinical neurophysiology unit is translational and focuses on optimizing neurophysiological parameters for diagnosis and follow-up of diseases of the peripheral and central nervous system. We have a preclinical lab with a method for measuring detailed extracellular signals from muscle and nerve cells to better map disease mechanisms. Some examples of ongoing projects are biomarker development in myasthenia gravis (MG), muscle ultrasound in myopathies and analysis of the mechanisms that result in disturbed neuromuscular and neuronal signaling in autoimmune diseases such as MG. The research group also includes a number of clinical doctors and researchers who work with various projects in method development for diagnostics and follow-up. These projects aim, among other things, to improve the location of epileptic foci and to develop new methods in intraoperative monitoring and during intensive care.

Research group leader: Professor Anna Rostedt Punga

Anna Rostedt Punga

Professor at Department of Medical Sciences, Clinical Neurophysiology

+4618-471 4941
Last modified: 2022-04-08