Molecular epidemiology

Our research section focuses on molecular epidemiology with emphasis on cardiometabolic disturbances like obesity, insulin resistance and their role in the development of cardiovascular diseases.

Staff in the research group Molecular epidemiology.
Staff in the research group. Photo: Danish Saroee

We aim to identify novel biomarkers using several -omics approaches addressing the issue of causality using a Mendelian Randomisation approach. We also apply traditional epidemiological methods in national registers and large biobanks.

Professor Tove Fall being interviewed for the research study SCAPIS.Our ambition is to be an international, vibrant and creative research environment with many exciting projects within large-scale genetic and biomarker projects. Our research is projected to lead to new important insights of disease mechanisms, which in turn can facilitate development of new treatments of these diseases, as well as to new biomarkers of disease for improved risk prediction and prognostics.

Last modified: 2022-09-27