Molecular Precision Medicine

Illustration of the double stranded DNA helix.Welcome to the research group in Molecular Precision Medicine. Our research is focused on genomics and epigenomics in human diseases.

About the research group

The research group in Molecular Medicine headed by Professor Ann-Christine Syvänen was started in 1998. After being situated at the Research Department of Uppsala University Hospital for 15 years, we moved in 2014 to the new facilities of SciLifeLab at the Biomedical Centre, BMC. In 2020, Jessica Nordlund took over the leadership of the research group and it changed name to Molecular Precision Medicine.

Our research group studies human diseases using modern methods for genomics and epigenetics. We develop novel methods for genome analysis, establish these methods at the department, and apply them to medical or biological problems within the group and together with clinical collaborators.

Last modified: 2022-01-20