About MolMed

About MPM

The research group in Molecular Precision Medicine, headed by Dr. Jessica Nordlund, was started in 2020. The MPM research group develops and applies novel molecular approaches to analyze the genomes, transcriptomes, epigenomes and proteomes of clinical samples. By integrating multiple types of -omics data with machine learning, we aim to identify molecular biomarkers that distinguish a given patient from other patients with similar clinical presentations, improve the precision of molecular diagnoses, and identify novel treatment approaches. 

Read more about Dr Nordlund’s background (available in Swedish). 

Jessica Nordlund  is also the director of the SNP&SEQ technology platform which was started by Professor Ann-Christine Syvänen in 2001. The SNP&SEQ technology platform is part of the National Genomic Infrastructure (NGI) hosted by SciLifeLab, and offers genotyping and sequencing services to academic researchers in Sweden. Please visit the SNP&SEQ Technology Platform's homepage for more information.

Last modified: 2021-12-13