MS/ sleep

In MS epidemiology we perform studies in the Swedish MS Register (SMSreg) and within the multinational case control study EnviMS Environmental factors in MS, where recent topics are exposure to organic solvents and hormonal status in women. We also scrutinize OCB negative MS cases in order to improve the differenetial diagnosis, and an ongoing studie has revealed caes with leukodystrophia , in collaboration with clinical genetics, UU. We aim to study magnet resonance images (MRI) in this investigation.

MRI studies with the modern technology SyMRI or quantitative MR have been launched ij order to compare conventional MR investigations with SyMRI with respect to quality and costs, and also to study unspecific white matter lesions. These studies are in collaboration with Centre for Medical Imaging and Visualisation (CMIV), Linköping University.

Genetic analyses of the Lysvik cluster are ongoing within a collaboration with Karolinska, i.e. a studies of a family aggregation of MS cases in a little village in Värmland (previously publsihed dissertations Callander, Imrell).

In sleep medicine we perform studies of Pandemrix-associated and spontaneous narcolepsy, epidemiologically, and within our recently established biobank för sleep disorders. Furthermore, clinical, genetical and imaging studies of Kleine Levin syndrome are ongoing together with LiU (fMRI, MRS, SPECT) and Stanford, USA (genetics). Also, studies of sleep aspects on Huntington´s disease are outlined, as well as studies on cases with hypersomnia and dysautonomia after vaccinations.

Last modified: 2022-02-01