The Department of Neurosurgery at the Uppsala University Hospital was founded in 1963. Today the department comprises one neurointensive care unit (12 beds), one neurointermediate care unit (12 beds), one neurosurgical ward (24 beds) and one operation ward (5 operating rooms). The department is committed to provide neurosurgical care for 1.9 milj inhabitants from a region with local hospitals located within a distance of around 300 km. The full range of modern neurosurgical techniques is offered.

The major neurosurgical fields are:

1) Trauma, neurovascular disorders and neurointensive care.
2) Skull base surgery and brain tumours.
3) Spinal disorders.
4) Functional and stereotactic neurosurgery.
5) Pediatric neurosurgery.

A multidiseplinary approach is applied including for example collaboration with interventional neuroradiologists, ENT surgeons, reconstructive plastic surgeons and clinical neurophysiologists. A positron emission tomography centre is located in close relation to the department. Ambulance helicopter and jet service is offered by the hospital.

Neurosurgical reseach programs: 

Per Enblad

Professor at Department of Medical Sciences, Neurosurgery

Last modified: 2022-04-08