Occupational and environmental medicine

Our research in occupational and environmental medicine is about the importance of various environmental factors for health and covers all age groups. We run projects on work environment, indoor environment or outdoor environment, and the exposures can be physical, chemical, biological, psychosocial as well as organizational.

In our research, we use both quantitative and qualitative methods and do both epidemiological studies, experimental studies and intervention studies. We are also developing new measurement methods.

Professor Magnus Svartengren is the research group leader, but many research projects are conducted within the group and these are led by different project leaders.

Magnus Svartengren

Professor at Department of Medical Sciences, Occupational and Environmental Medicine


Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Uppsala

The Occupational and Environmental Medicine (OEM) unit is comprised of a unit at the Department of Medical Sciences and a clinical unit at the Uppsala University Hospital serving the Counties of Uppsala, Dalarna and Gävleborg. The main task for occupational and environmental medicine today is to find exposures at workplaces and in the indoor and outdoor environment which may affect human beings in a negative or positive way.

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OEM Uppsala

Last modified: 2022-04-08