Our research focuses on a comprehensive understanding of the major psychiatric disorders, and our mission is to improve mental health care to benefit both the individual and society. Our multifaceted research spans diverse methodological domains.

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Starting with normal functioning, we investigate the psychological and neurobiological mechanisms of fear and other affective states, as well as cognitive processes. Moving on to pathophysiology, we conduct a longitudinal multimodal cohort study aiming to identify biological mechanisms underlying the development of psychotic symptoms. Another ongoing project focuses on maladaptive immunological responses in treatment-resistant patients. Other prominent projects cover risk factors and prognosis in eating disorders, peripartum depression, suicidal behaviour and gender dysphoria. In the treatment domain, we study the effects and mechanisms of different brain stimulation treatments for conditions such as schizophrenia and severe depression. Additional trials focus on immunotherapy as well as novel cognitive therapy approaches, including evidence-based app formats for posttraumatic stress. Closing in on the patient perspective, we study patient participation in decision-making and patients’ perspectives on illness experiences and healthcare services. Our research lines are closely interfoliated with patient care, and we collaborate widely on local, national and international levels.

Last modified: 2023-12-22