Renal medicine

The overall objective of the research is to investigate means and methods for prevention of renal failure, and prevention and treatment of complications in renal failure. Our research program involves studies on cardio-vascular complications in chronic kidney disease and renal transplantation, studies on FGF-23 in renal failure, clinical studies on chronic kidney disease and haemodialysis as well as studies on new biomarkers for renal failure.

Inflammation and cardiovascular disease in renal failure is targeted in several of the different substudies, including inflammatory processes, oxidative stress, immunologic dysregulation and calcium-phosphate metabolic aberrations in uremia, addressed both in experimental and in clinical settings. Recently we have also finalized new approaches with regard to pathogenesis and treatment of IgA nephropathy, and commenced a new joint venture with the research group in Nanotechnology and Functional Surfaces. A substantial research grant has been approved for development of a new generation of dialysers and new devices for extracorporeal blood treatment. It is our firm belief that the outcome of this research will lead to an improved medical and social rehabilitation of patients with renal failure.

Last modified: 2021-01-21